OUR RECOMMENDATIONS - Cueva Alfano and Cueva de la Luna in Freila or Gorafe

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A STORY 8.000.000 OLD

The Quaternary Geological Park project is an initiative to protect and evaluate the most complete sedimentary records of the quaternary period on the planet.  Exclusive for their geological wealth, landscape and culture, 40 municipalities of the so-called Hoya de Guadix-Baza, a depression (basin) that began to form during the geological process that gave rise to the Alpine system 65 million years ago were chosen. To delimit the extension of the geological park, the territories lying within the fluvial valleys of the following rivers were considered: For the basin north of Baza, the valleys of the Gallego, Baza, Golopón, Cúllar, Castril, Guardal, Galera, Orce and Huéscar rivers. For the Guadix basin: the rivers Guadix, Fardes, Gor, Guadahortuna, Guadiana Menor, Guadalentín and its tributaries.
Aware  of the scenic, cultural and geological value of the area, Geopark Granada has prepared itineraries specially designed to offer you 4x4 routes routes with impressive landscapes and updated information about the geology of the Guadix-Baza basin.
With our excursions you will not get bored, but we will help you understand what you see, find and observe fossils and minerals, and you will see deserts, the imprint of unique seismic activity, archaeological and paleontological sites, ancient necropolis and landscapes that will surprise you.
Cortijo Búho is a unique experience.
Set in an extraordinary landscape, the cave dates from the 11th century and was an old mill.
At Cortijo Búho you will  marvell at the priviledge of handling the most beautiful owls and birds of prey guided by an experienced falconer as well as enjoy the tastefully prepared and varied dishes made with fresh home produce in a very special setting.
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Cueva Alfano
Carril de la Nogueruela 12,
18812 Freila
(Andalusia SPAGNA)
+34 628 29 40 20
+34 958 06 39 07
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