Activities, adventure or ... just relaxing - Cueva Alfano and Cueva de la Luna in Freila or Gorafe

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Trek, swim or take a kayak out on the lake,
ride through the desert of Gorafe and the Baza landscapes, go mountain biking, take off in a paraglider from the top of mount Jabalcón..

Bathe in hot springs, collect and prepare your own capers and olives, distill aromatic plants and make homemade soap.
Visit museums, do some star gazing, enjoy flamenco nights, our fiestas and the local cuisine and wines.
If  you love photography,  landscapes as varied as stunning will no doubt inspire you!
All of this at your fingertips!
"Adventure, Leisure...choose what you want!"
If you like winter and snow, Sierra Nevada is just over an hour from our accommodation in Freila and just over half an hour from Gorafe.
To learn about the area and its history you can visit the local museums and interpretation centers as well as the megalithic park in Gorafe home to the greatest concentration of dolmens in Europe.
The Sierra de Baza, a few kilometers away, Sierra de Castril and Cazorla are unique landscapes to visit, walk and cycle through. Nearby picturesque villages like Castril, are worth a visit. Take a stroll along its river and finish up with a good meal!
Maybe this is the best time to get to know the desert of Gorafe, the Zujar hot springs and the millenary "acequia del Toril" in Alicún de las Torres.
Great time for photography too!


In summer, we collect our organic grown lavender and distill it to obtain our essential oil and the lavender hydrolate.
Lavender hydrolate contains all the properties of the essential oil but is gentler and can be used directly on the skin as a gentle, soothing, restorative, calming skin toner  that balances all skin types.
With our organic olive oil and lavender we manufacture our homemade soaps.
Cueva de la Luna
Calle 28 de febrero 11,
18890 Gorafe
(Andalusia SPAGNA)
Cueva Alfano
Carril de la Nogueruela 12,
18812 Freila
(Andalusia SPAGNA)
+34 628 29 40 20
+34 683 41 38 48
+34 958 06 39 07
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